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MA Welfare Society wants to build a healthy and good lifestyle for the poor and needy people. 


MA Welfare Society dreams of a happy society. Our vision is to make our society educated and poverty-free. Every child of the rural area should be educated and also women empowerment.

Women Empowerment

Though we are living in the 21st century till women are not empowered. There are places wherein women do not have the right to be educated, and independent. This is very heart-breaking that we do not consider women as a strong entity  So we train them on alternative livelihood to ensure financial stability. And our NGO awarded them with respect and prizes on any type of successful moment. Women who are victims of domestic violence get counseling sessions from our professionals, and awareness of basic legal literacy. They too get the awareness of financial planning and budgeting. Our members link up women with various schemes of the government. This is how we make sure the empowerment of women.

Child Education

A child’s right to education entails the right to learn. Yet, for too many children across the globe, schooling does not lead to learning. Children are the future of a nation. So, the nation and society have the duty to educate them. A large number of the children are engaged in labor. We also organized meeting with parents of such children who are engaged in child labor. Our NGO encourages them to have a proper education. And we have professionals to take classes for students. One Day these students will be the reason of progresive India.

Environment Protection

Environment pollution has emerged as a global problem in the world. Every country in the world is handling this problem in its own way. The drought and uncommon rainfall is the cause of environmental pollution. The MA Welfare Society is trying to improve it. In this regard, we called some Work-shop, and in this workshop we discussed improvements. Our NGO takes initiatives of planting saplings. This is how we feel oneday we will achieve a pollution-free environment.

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